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Help for Struggling Students

Mabel Brown and Louise Debreczeny are accepting new students at the APRICOT Clinic. Please contact us to discuss our services. Our rates are very low and the success rate of our students very high; making the cost per outcome ratio excellent. Please contact us today! Mabel's email is: and Louise's email is: We look forward to hearing from you!

Posted: 09-17-2014

2014 / 2015 WORKSHOPS

New Workshop Schedule:
Please check out our complete list of workshops for the upcoming year on Our Workshops page! Remember that both the September 2014 and January 2015 workshops are mentor/mentee workshops, which means that as a former workshop attendee, when you register and pay for yourself, you can register and bring a free guest with you to the workshop, provided that this is the first APRICOT workshop your guest has attended. One "mentee" per participant is permitted.

Of special note: The emphasis on the three fall workshops is on a paradigm shift aimed to include all learners in effective education; and, the emphasis on the three spring workshops is the relationship of language and learning as tools within an educational paradigm shift.

Posted: 08-13-2014

New Consultant at APRICOT, Inc.

Please join Ellyn Arwood and Mabel Brown in welcoming Louise Debreczeny to our APRICOT family!

Louise is an educator with experience working in the schools with special education students prior to coming to work at the APRICOT Clinic. In the Clinic, Louise joins Mabel, in working with clients who have learning, language and behavior differences. Louise began working for APRICOT in February; and is still adding new students to her case load. To schedule an appointment with Louise, Please phone our office: 503-670-1740 or send an email through our website:

Posted: 08-13-2014

APRICOT, Inc. Receives Continued Approval as an ASHA Approved Continuing

October 21, 2013 -- The Continuing Education Board (CEB) of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) recognized APRICOT, Inc. on October 17, 2013 by reapproving them for an additional five years as an ASHA Approved Continuing Education (CE) Provider. ASHA Approved CE Providers are approved to offer ASHA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the courses they offer to audiologists and speech-language pathologists. The recognition period extends for five years and includes all courses offered during that time that meet the ASHA CEB standards.
“We are pleased to welcome APRICOT, Inc. as our newest ASHA Approved CE Provider organization,” stated Dr. Patricia Prelock, president of ASHA and dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Vermont. Prelock added “APRICOT, Inc. is part of the 525 organizations in the United States and internationally that have had their organizational process and courses reviewed by our experts in continuing education to ensure the highest possible standards are met.”
In order to achieve ASHA Approved CE Provider status, APRICOT, Inc. completed a rigorous application process and successfully demonstrated adherence to the ASHA Continuing Education Board standards that focus on the design, development, administration, and evaluation of its continuing education courses offered for audiologists and speech-language pathologists. The re-approval process involved the review of all courses offered by APRICOT, Inc. in the past five year period and their on-going adherence to ASHA CEB standards. As a result of re-approval, APRICOT, Inc. agreed to continue their compliance with ASHA CEB standards and can continue to promote their organization and courses using the ASHA CE logo on promotional course material. In addition, APRICOT, Inc. is listed on the ASHA CEB’s Approved CE Provider list and their courses that meet CEB standards appear in the ASHA CE Course Search on the ASHA website.

Posted: 08-13-2014

APRICOT, Inc. Partners with the University of Portland!!!

The University of Portland now offers 700 level graduate credit* for approved APRICOT workshops. Participants who sign up for the University of Portland credit will receive .5 semester hour credits for 5.5 hours of instruction time. Each .5 credit will cost $40 and will be collected by APRICOT, Inc. at the time of registration.
*offered as non-matriculating credit; used for professional continuing education (CEUs)

Posted: 08-23-2012

Neuro-Educator Courses and Post Master Certification

APRICOT wishes to showcase the Neuro-education courses now available at University of Portland. You can read more at:

Posted: 06-04-2012

  • Upcoming Workshop!

    Language is an Assessment Tool!

    04-18-2015 (Saturday)

    Language names a person’s thinking. Therefore, language is a window into a person’s thoughts, both socially and academically. The purpose of this ADVANCED LEVEL workshop is to provide assessment and intervention methods based on language function. Participants will be provided with numerous opportunities to evaluate language function for assessment purposes in order to develop effective interve...

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Our materials are language based and designed to meet specific curricular or intervention needs. They are developed from actual work with students and created from effective Lucas-Arwood methods.

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We specialize in working with children and adults with neurogenic disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders, syndromes, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Specific Learning Disabilities.

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We realize that the majority of learners today think with a visual brain. But our culture educates with auditory methods. Therefore the APRICOT Clinic utilizes best learning practices based on the individual's learning strengths, not based on an auditory cultural bias. At the APRICOT Clinic, learning is viewed as an acquisition process as well as a mediation between language and behavior. All methods are based on how language and the brain function.

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