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We can help with learning, language, and behavior problems.

Who We Are

Educators and education consultants who specialize in working with children and adults with neurogenic disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders, syndromes, traumatic brain injuries, and specific learning disabilities.

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What We Do

Our services include: assessments, interventions, strategy counseling, professional services, on-site consultations, inservices, workshops, professional development, and curriculum development.


We specialize in working with children and adults with neurogenic disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders, syndromes, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Specific Learning Disabilities.

Professional Services

We Offer:

  • Assessments
  • Intervention
  • Strategy counseling
  • On-site consultations
  • Inservices, workshops, and professional development
  • Curriculum development
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Our Services Benefit Children Who:

  • Exhibit frustration and confusion to spoken and written material
  • Do not complete assignments, miss due dates, or do not turn in homework
  • Don't pay attention to spoken directions or respond inconsistently to requests
  • Are easily distracted by noises, voices, movement, etc.
  • Do not understand effects of actions
  • Do quality work one day but not the next day
  • Can't keep hands or body to self
  • Are not developing language as expected
  • Do not read, write, and/or do math at grade level
  • Repeat what others say but use little normal language

Our Services Benefit Adults Who:

  • Have trouble following through with desired tasks
  • Have time management and organization issues
  • Have trouble concentrating on desired task
  • Have a history of reading, writing, and speaking problems
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Neuro-Educator Courses and Post Master Certification Posted: 09-25-2015

APRICOT wishes to showcase the Neuro-education courses now available at University of Portland. You can read more at: http://education.up.edu/default.aspx?cid=10399&pid=278

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Our materials are language based and designed to meet specific curricular or intervention needs. They are developed from actual work with students and created from effective Lucas-Arwood methods.

Visit our Products page to see what materials best fit your needs. If you aren't sure if something is appropriate for your needs or want our recommendations, send us an email and we'll gladly help you find what you need.

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We offer a wide range of workshops tailored to various audiences. There's something for everyone, from parents to education professionals, and everyone in between. We can also offer continuing education credits on most of our workshops. Check out our workshop page for a complete list of both upcoming and prior workshops. If there's a topic you're interested in, please let us know on our contact page.

Our Next Workshop

Personal Hygiene

05-29-2020 (Friday) through 05-29-2020 (Friday)

Learn strategies to help your child accomplish bathing, brushing teeth, and other personal grooming and hygiene activities. Help your child establish healthy routines for daily living.

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We realize that the majority of learners today think with a visual brain. But our culture educates with auditory methods. Therefore the APRICOT Clinic utilizes best learning practices based on the individual's learning strengths, not based on an auditory cultural bias. At the APRICOT Clinic, learning is viewed as an acquisition process as well as a mediation between language and behavior. All methods are based on how language and the brain function.

What Makes Our Methodology Superior?

First, our assessment process uses formal measures for data collection (language sampling and observable changes in behavior). This allows the evaluator to determine the client's best way of learning, the client's rate of learning, the client's learning system type, and the client's specific need for individualized compensatory strategies. This process differs from traditional standardized testing which typically results in a test score that is interpreted for academic and social concerns.

Secondly, our written report following the assessment will provide the client, parents, and/or follow up agencies with specific recommendations.

Thirdly, the assessment process is designed to determine the client's strengths, not weaknesses. Most school age clients leave the assessment standing taller and feeling better about who they are.

Fourthly, the assessments are meant to help find a way to assist in learning. Therefore, in addition to the report, follow up services are offered. For example, some clients need compensatory strategies for the following activities: reading, writing, spelling, comprehending, test taking, note taking, planning projects, doing homework, managing time, organizing self, doing multiple activities simultaneously, etc. However, this list is not meant to be all inclusive, and any given client's particular needs may vary significantly.