Alyse Rostamizadeh, M.S.Ed.

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Alyse Rostamizadeh is an elementary school teacher, author and educational consultant, known for her inclusive practices that build learning communities where children thrive. She whole-heartedly believes that all children can learn, and it is the educator's responsibility to provide learning opportunities that meet each learner's unique needs. During her time in a Title I school, she received the award for Rotary's Teacher of the Year for her implementation of Viconic Language Methods™ in the classroom that allowed marginalized learners to be a part of the classroom community. Districts often turn to Alyse to help them provide practical visual strategies for learners who struggle with anti-social behaviors. She is the co-author with Dr. Ellyn Arwood of Neuro-Viconic Education System: A Systemic Approach to Learning. The goal of this endeavor is to provide the theoretical framework and practical applications for educators to create their own inclusive classroom environments where the learner and their needs are the epicenter of every educational decision. Alyse provides professional learning seminars across the nation for both small and large groups about how to shift the educational paradigm to address a four-tier learning model (NsLLT) based on the neuroscience of the brain that moves beyond basic patterns and includes thinking and language. Others say that her practical approach and authentic examples bring the theoretical framework to life. Whether working in the role of educator, author, speaker, or learning consultant, Alyse strives to help learners and educators understand the process of learning, identify the strengths of their own learning system, and utilize strategies that build upon those strengths to become a life-long learner.