Mabel M. Brown, M.A.

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Mabel M. Brown, M.A., is a Learning, Language, and Behavior Consultant at the APRICOT Learning Language & Behavior Clinic in Tigard, Oregon. Mabel works mainly with students who have been diagnosed with autism and through the use of the Viconic Language Methods, her students have made impressive gains cognitively, socially, and academically. She has 38 years of experience in classrooms and in clinical settings. Mabel has been with APRICOT, Inc. since 1986; working as both the Business Manager and a Learning, Language & Behavior Consultant.Mabel has co-authored one text and four educational manuals through APRICOT, Inc.: Pro-Social Language: A Way to Think about Behavior (2015); Make it Visual in the Classroom (2005), Balanced Literacy (2002), A Guide to Visual Strategies for Young Adults (2001); and A Guide to Cartooning and Flowcharting (1999). Through the Autism Asperger Publishing Company (AAPC), she has co-authored the text: Visual Thinking Strategies for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Language of Pictures (2009) and contributed extensively to the text: Learning with a Visual Brain in an Auditory World (2007).


  • Extensive Post-Masters Work in Language and Learning (60+ clock hours per year), 1987 to present.

  • Washington State University, Pullman Washington, Master's of Arts in Child Development, with honors, June 1981.

  • Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, Bachelor of Arts in Nursery School Teaching (Child Development), with honors, June 1977.

  • The Merrill-Palmer Institute, Detroit, Michigan, Spring Quarter 1977.

  • California Polytechnic State University, 1973-1974.