The RISES II Story script process guides third through sixth grade (and older) students through a visual process of writing and reading their own meaningful, relational stories about real-life pictured events. Using RISES II students tell, draw, read write and refine their ideas to complete an edited, final draft story. RISES II is easy to use since all instructions are built into the story script process.


Teachers, specialists, administrators, parents...Do you have students in third through sixth grades who find reading and/or writing tasks painful?
They don't have to be...
Imagine a setting where the students not only look forward to reading and writing but choose those options as their free choice activities. Imagine an approach that creates so much enthusiasm in the students that their excitement spills over to other students who then request to be included in these reading/writing sessions. Imagine the sense of pride in these students who successfully and independently write and read.

This is reality... not imagination.

Several years ago Ilene Unruh began using Dr. Arwood's RISES approach with groups of intermediate students (third through sixth grade) at her school. Soon Ilene's colleagues were asking her to work with other groups of students using the same approach. After a while these colleagues found the RISES process so straight-forward that they began to implement Ilene's materials themselves with their own groups of children.

If you know a student who...

  • struggles to "read" his homework

  • is embarrassed to read aloud at school

  • has to read and reread the book before it makes sense

  • spends excessive time on reading assignments

  • says the words on the page but then does not remember what was read

  • prefers to be read to aloud

  • cannot take a test or complete a worksheet because he does not understand simple written instructions

Then RISES II is meant for you!

RISES II is published as one convenient spiral bound book. Each 8.5" x 11" book contains three sections: 1) a guide for facilitating this innovative user-friendly approach to reading and writing; 2) twenty-five reproducible content-rich situational pictures with matching story scripts; and 3) additional reproducible pages that augment the story writing/reading process.

RISES II works because the "easy to use" instructions are built into the picture/story script process. The thought-provoking questions provided in the scripts function as springboards to creativity. A teacher, parent or volunteer provides guidance and encouragement as students create the form, direction and substance of their story.

RISES II is a logical choice because it...

  • works for students with a wide range of reading/writing abilities

  • provides success for students with known learning disabilities

  • motivates naturally gifted students who have little or no difficulty writing stories

  • capitalizes on a fun stress-free way to turn your student into a reader and writer

  • unleashes student imaginations to develop conventional stories that can be understood by others

  • inspires students to refine their writing style for power through excellence in content, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and format

  • suggests to students that they are authors because putting their ideas into writing allows someone else to read and share in those thoughts.

Although RISES II has been field tested with students in third through sixth grades, it can also be used with middle school, high school, and post-school age students who have not developed literacy skills. In addition, although RISES II has been tested in classroom and small group settings, the clearly presented instructions for the materials would allow parents, tutors, and others to use RISES II one-to-one with a specific student who struggles with reading/writing.

Product Number: APR204

Year Published: 1997

Included Items:

Manual, 25 Pictures, 25 Story Scripts, and other Reproducible Copy Masters


Ellyn Lucas Arwood, Ed.D. More Information
Ilene Unruh, M.A. More Information