Nurse Educators: Using Visual Language



This book emphasizes the use of visual language structures (drawing, flowcharting, etc.) during instruction by nurse educators, to meet the needs of all learners. Drawing ideas helps learners see how concepts connect to spoken or written patterns, as well as helping learners acquire more abstract concepts. This instruction guide takes the reader through:

1) the differences between learners with visual mental language and auditory mental language,

2) the differences between visual language teaching and auditory language teaching, and

3) the development of visual and auditory concepts.

This book also provides the reader with visual language strategies, faculty examples of visual language lessons, and student examples of visual language note taking. The rationale for using visual language structures and information about how to begin using such structures is emphasized.

Product Number: APR216

Year Published: 2002


Ellyn Lucas Arwood, Ed.D. More Information
Joanna Kaakinen, Ph.D., RN More Information
Anita Lee Wynne, Ph.D., FNP-C, RN More Information