Make it Visual in the Classroom



This 100 page book describes effective language practices for improved learning to be literate in elementary classrooms. The book is divided into five sections: Why should we concentrate on language development in the classroom? How does language affect classroom learning? How do we apply visual meta-linguistic properties to instruction? How does a classroom teacher meet the learning needs of all students? How am I doing with adding visual language properties to my classroom instruction? In addition to the text material that is illustrated to show auditory text as visual graphics, the reader will find useful the supplementary preface, appendices, and DVD demonstrating some of the classroom methods. This book is easy to understand with emphasis on applications. The text is amply supported by visual graphics, case studies and a teacher narrative of how to set up an elementary classroom for maximum language and learning. Authors: Ellyn Arwood, Mabel Brown, and Bonnie Robb.

Product Number: APR217

Year Published: 2005


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