The Language of RESPECT



The Language of RESPECT shows parents, educators, and administrators how to create an environment that supports, protects and nurtures students and children. The book is organized so that the reader is afforded a neurobiological theoretical basis for learning. In conjunction with this theoretical basis, the social and cultural issues of developing language concepts are presented. The readers are provide numerous ways to shift their language from authoritarian to authoritative ways to respect the child and the child's individual learning needs. The authors have more that 60 years of combined successful work in assisting all youth in becoming positive citizens with well developed moral character.

This is a "must own" for any professional's bookshelf. It is more than 400 pages of stories of success supported by theory and philosophy. Nine chapters weave nuggets of knowledge together with examples of how to honor and respect the diversity of learners, their unique constituents. Based on neurological ways that learners socialize, cultural differences between an authoritarian and authoritative classroom are offered. Arwood's ability to analyze and interpret the power of language complement Young's true to life perspective. Together, Arwood and Young offer a fresh, gentle, and kind way to set up a responsive, community classroom based on THE LANGUAGE OF RESPECT.

"This book is a freshing journey, full of memorable stories, technique and solid theory."

"The Language of RESPECT interrelates cultural, social and neurobiological ways to showcase learning. Dr. Arwood and Mr. Young are truly exceptional educators . . . kind, caring and knowledgable. Their students are so fortunate."

"This information gives me the additional knowledge and methods to be more effective as a language specialist."

"This book validates my belief that language is the basis to learning."

"I've observed Mr. Young's classroom. It's like a pseudo-family that nurtures, protects and supports each student. It feels good to be in
that classroom."

"Dr. Arwood is a lady before her time."

Product Number: LangRes01

Year Published: 2000

Catalog Information: ISBN 0967972000, 9780967972008


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