A brain-based teaching guide for the remediation of language literacy, behavior support, mental health, and academic challenges


In order for neuroeducation to be a legitimate field, it must be anchored by scientific research that proves its efficacy. This research has culminated in the creation of the Neuro-Semantic Language Learning Theory (NsLLT), proposed by Dr. Ellyn Arwood, which is the primary lens of translation from research to educational practice used in this book.

This anthology documents how eleven contributing authors have used the principles of the NsLLT to transform their classrooms into laboratories of learning. This publication is the first volume to provide evidence of the gains that are possible by incorporating the NsLLT into brain-based instruction. Educators, parents, and anyone who works with struggling students can use the methods presented here to revolutionize their approach to facilitating learning in these vulnerable populations.

Product Number: NeuroEd01

Year Published: 2017

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13 chapters, 237 pages


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