Pro-Social Language: A Way to Think about Behavior



The purpose of this book is to describe the learning processes and relationships among thinking, language, and learning to behave.


Our strategies look and sound very different (relational language, whole to part, visual thinking) from what is currently considered to be best practice in education. Instead of emphasizing behavior as a unit of study, separate from people: we approach behavior as a form of communication. We interpret the behavior based on knowledge about how people learn to think (neuroscience and cognitive psychology), use language (cognitive psychology and language), and become socially competent (cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and language). Then we plan an approach to help the learner acquire pro-social ways to be able to make choices for behavior. We sincerely hope that when reading this material, readers enjoy the book's emphasis on the learner's development of higher order, more pro-social development.

Product Number: Pro-Soc01

Year Published: 2015

Catalog Information: ISBN 9780967972015

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324 page Paperback


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