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Neuro-Viconic Education: The System (NvES) Citizenship through the Language of Respect

06-26-2019 08:00AM (Wednesday) through 06-28-2019 04:00PM (Friday)
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REGISTRATION IS OPEN! PLEASE EMAIL YOUR COMPLETED REGISTRATION FORM TO Alyse at: arostamizadeh@gmail.com .If you need an application form, please email Alyse and ask her to send you one. This three day workshop will have a limited number of cohort members. A NvES manual with templates and exemplars of lessons,and supplemental materials and books is INCLUDED in the price of attendance. Cohort members will have access to additional forms of refinement throughout the year. It should be noted that since this workshop promotes an educational paradigm shift, classroom educators (general or special) and their co-educating support personnel are encouraged to apply. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a holistic, inclusionary approach for all learners based on the following tenets: 1) All learning is brain-based (Neuro-Semantic Language Learning Theory); 2) All children learn to think (Viconic Language Methods); 3) All children learn to be pro-social (The Language of RESPECT); and 4) All children learn through context (Event-Based Learning).


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