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Drilling Deeper into Brain-Language Function Advanced Workshop

04-21-2018 (Saturday) 09:00AM to 03:30AM
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Theories of language function depend on an understanding of semiotics, pragmatics, and deep semantics. This workshop will highlight brain research that supports these three areas of language function and the literature behind such theories. Partici-pants will have the opportunity to dig deeper into the relationship between the brain and language function


Ellyn Lucas Arwood, Ed.D. More Information

Neuro-Viconic Education: The System (NvES) Cohort Workshop (This course is for people who already have experience with the NsLLT--presenter approval required to attend)

06-21-2018 12:00AM (Thursday) through 06-23-2018 01:01AM (Saturday)
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The purpose of this workshop is to provide a cohort type of professional learning opportunity for participants to apply a holistic, inclusionary approach for all learners based on the following tenets: 1) All learning is brain-based (Neuro-Semantic Language Learning Theory); 2) All children learn to think (Viconic Language Methods or VLMs); 3) All children learn to be pro-social (The Language of RESPECT); and 4) All children learn through context (Event-Based Learning).

Participation in this course requires permission from the presenters. Please email mabel@apricotclinic.com for an application form.


Ellyn Lucas Arwood, Ed.D. More Information
Alyse Rostamizadeh, M.S.Ed. More Information