Beginning Applications of Visual Language Thinking Methods

A shift from development to learning

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When: 01-19-2019 (Saturday) 09:00AM to 03:30PM

Learning to think is a neuro-semantic process. Part of that process is the acquisition of language. Language names thinking and provides an educator with a powerful tool for increasing learner academic and social development. This workshop will introduce the Neuro-Semantic Language Learning Theory (NsLLT) as a brain-based learning model. Language will be defined from both a developmental perspective as a set of structures as well as from a learning or functional perspective. Numerous examples will be provided for how to use language function for improving a learner’s thinking or cognition and social development. Participants will learn how to use meta-cognitive strategies to help students think and socially behave at higher developmental levels. This is a mentor-mentee workshop. Beginning Level.

Key Concepts: Neuro-semantic Language Learning Theory, language strategies, behavior strategies, learning and thinking, inclusive applications
Learner Objectives: Participants will be able to 1) demonstrate at least two language strategies for promoting social or cognitive development; 2) explain the relationship between learning and language function; 3) explain how education that focuses on how children learn (NsLLT), rather than on developmental products, improves thinking
Course Number: 1901
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  • University of Portland
  • 5000 N. Willamette Blvd., Portland, OR 97203
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