The Neuro-Viconic Education System (NvES)

Making changes to include all learners in the classroom: Applying the NsLLT

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When: 09-15-2018 09:00AM (Saturday)

This is a three day workshop (September 15, October 27 and December 1) is spread over three different weekends. This course is open to anyone who has previously taken an APRICOT workshop. Participants must apply to be accepted into the class. Online registration is not available. Please email to your answers to the following questions: Where did you learn about the NsLLT? How much education do you have about the NsLLT? Why do you want to be a part of this cohort? Where do you plan to apply this material? What is your title? Age of population? Grade? Who at your employment supports you being a part of this cohort? Is there anyone else within your employment that uses VLMs or the NsLLT as a theoretical foundation? Anything else you want us to know about you?

Key Concepts: Neuro-Semantic Language Learning Theory, Viconic Language Methods, pro-social inclusive environment, event-based learning, educational paradigm shift, authoritative, language, learning,
Learner Objectives: Participants will be able to: 1) Set up an event-based educational classroom, 2) utilize VLMs within the event-based setting and 3) establish an authoritative, pro-social inclusive environment.
Course Number: 1804
Full Registration Price: $540.00
Pre-Registation Price: $540.00

Pre-Registration price is valid through Midnight 09-08-2018 Pacific time. You can still register up to the first day of class for full price.


This workshop appears to be at capacity so online registration is unavailable. If interested in registering, please call us at (503) 670-1740, and we'll place you on a wait list to register if any openings become available.


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